Cerberus-Pro Input Module (1 Input) - FDCI221

Cerberus-Pro Input Module (1 input) – FDCI221



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    Fire Detection

    In the event of a fire in the facilities, fire detection is a system that warns fire detection services. It is the leading solution provider of warning and response systems.

    Teledata serves commercial, industrial and residential properties worldwide. Fire detection systems belonging to the brand are offered by our company.

    The services we offer in this field are generally:

    • Fire alarm system installation
    • Fire alarm system maintenance
    • Alarm monitoring service
    • Alarm monitoring software

    The system we offer is a system that automatically detects fires. It uses the latest technology to remotely detect traces of smoke and heat.

    It is used to provide early warning against possible fires and to reduce their impact on the environment.

    It can also be used with other systems such as fire sprinklers and smoke detectors that help reduce the risk of human injury or death during a fire.

    Our company is highly preferred with the system it offers in this context.

    Teledata Fire Detection
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    Cerberus-Pro Input Module (1 input) – FDCI221
    Product Features

    Display of technical states (eg door or ventilation control)

    Potential-free trip for alarm operation (e.g. sprinkler alarm)

    For connection of circuit 1 of the closing contact.

    1 input for potential-free contact.

    The input line is monitored for open line and short circuit (terminating resistors).

    The input can be configured via the fire control panel for status or alarm messages.

    Status indication with LED. Power supply via FDnet/C-NET.

    Input module included.

    2 resistors and 2 mounting feet for TS35 U-rail.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Operating temperature '-25…70 °C
    • Standard EN 54-17 , EN 54-18
    • Protection category IP30; IP65 with ext. Housing
    • Relative humidity ≤95 % rel.
    • Operating voltage DC 12…33 V
    • Storage temperature '-30...+75 °C
    • Cable capacity 0.2...1.5 mm2 (2.5 mm2)
    • System compatibility FDnet -> FS20 C-NET -> FS720
    • Communication protocol FDnet/C-NET
    • Quiescent current Max. 0.3 mA
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) 95 x 71 x 23 mm
    • Color Pure white, RAL 9010
    • Accessories TS35_122 U-rail , TS35_288 U-rail , FDCH221 Housing IP65