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Cerberus PRO Interactive – FC721-YZ



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    Where are Fire Detection Systems Used?

    Such systems are used in places where fire can break out most easily. Places where flammable liquids and gases are produced, plastic and foam production facilities, paint shops, factories where paper production is made, restaurant service departments and laundries are the places where fire can ignite most easily. For this reason, you can increase the safety of life and property with devices that you can integrate into your business with fire detection systems companies. The best efficiency can be obtained if the products with the ideal structure are selected for such places. Detection devices can be added to a single floor or multiple floors in spaces. In addition, more than one device can be placed on each floor according to the width of the area.

    How Fire Detection Systems Work

    It gives an alarm when the radiation, heat and smoke of the fire can reach the detectors. The alarm warns people with sound and light. There is a fire panel, which is the control center of the fire alarm system. As a result of the signals reaching here, a siren alarm can be given from the desired points. Fire detection systems companies equip these devices with backup energy in case of a possible power outage. A smoke detector connected to the panel gives a warning with the soot that occurs at the time of fire.

    The heat detector is a system that works with the increase in temperature. Sirens sound automatically when these systems are active. Apart from this, fire detection systems companies add the necessary hardware for manual intervention in the system. Manual intervention is often essential for false alarms so that people can turn the alarm off. In addition to these, the leak detector that can be integrated into the systems also provides warning against natural gas leaks. This is especially important for businesses with flammable and explosive gases.

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    Cerberus PRO Interactive – FC721-YZ
    Product Features

    FC721-YZ is a compact fire control panel with integrated operating unit that can process signals from Cerberus™ PRO devices up to 126 addresses.

    The fire control panel can only be used as a stand-alone unit.

    In addition, each station has an Ethernet connection. Remote control service is possible via this fast Ethernet interface.

    All detector lines are monitored for earth faults.

    Up to 2000 events can be stored according to various criteria.

    Automatic summer/winter changeover. Detection and auto-reading (auto-configuration) of all C-NET devices provides instant simple operation.

    Stored data can be loaded via Cerberus-Remote access.

    The FC721-YZ is ideal for smaller applications, eg. workshops, hotels, etc.

    Expansion and accessories must be ordered separately.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Detector compatibility Cerberus PRO FD720
    • Number of addresses 126
    • Number of detector lines 1 loop or 2 stub lines
    • Programmable input/output 4
    • Relay outputs 1x RT alarm 1x RT fault
    • Supervised output 1x RT alarm , 1x RT fault , 1x Horn
    • Mains voltage AC 97...127 V / AC 196...253 V
    • Operating voltage DC 21…28.6 V
    • Operating current 2500 mA
    • Power supply 70 W
    • Bypass time for emergency power supply 72 h
    • Battery capacity 2 x 12 V, 7 Ah
    • Plug-in position 1 -> for serial interface RS232 or RS485
    • Operating temperature -8…42 °C
    • Storage temperature -20…+60 °C
    • Relative humidity ≤95 % rel (no condensation)
    • Protection category IP30
    • Color housing/cover Light grey, ~RAL 7035 / Gray, ~RAL 050 00 00
    • Color housing/cover 430 x 398 x 80 mm (without cover cap) 430 x 398 x 108 mm (with cover cap)
    • Weight (net) 8.8 kg
    • Accessories DL3750+ Matrix printer (Extern) , FCA1209-Z1 Output module (230 V) , FCA2014-A1 Cable kit (Communication) , FHA2016-A1 19" mounting kit , FHA2017-A1 Flush mounting bezel one HU , FTO2005-C1 Key switch (Kaba) , FTO2006-B1 Key switch (Nordic) , Z3B171 Relay module
    • Expansion FCA2001-A1 RS232 module (isolated) , FCA2002-A1 RS485 module (isolated) , FCA2033-A1 License key (S1) , FH7201-Z3 Housing (Eco) , FH7202-Z3 Housing (Standard) , FP2004-A1 Power supply kit (150 W, A) , FP2015-A1 Power supply (70 W)