Cerberus PRO Interactive - FC722-ZZ

Cerberus PRO Interactive – FC722-ZZ



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    What are the Benefits of Fire Detection Systems?

    The fire detection system can convey to users where a fire has come from. In this way, you can go to the fire area quickly and get through the event with the least damage. For maximum protection, the system must be integrated into the building areas by experts. The most efficient settlement should be preferred by revealing the area width, intervention distance and risky places.

    After a good layout is made, a specialist should be appointed to work on the fire panel. In this way, you can provide communication quickly. It helps you get a quick and safe reaction, especially in areas where many people live, such as public buildings, hospitals and schools. Fire detection technologies with sensitive sensors provide the opportunity to end the fire before it starts.

    How Does the Fire Detection System Work?

    The fire panel, which is the control center of the fire alarm system, analyzes the information received from the detectors. It announces the occurrence of the fire to everyone via flashers, telephone dialers and sirens. The fire detection system, which has one battery, can continue to work in a possible power cut. It is used with a key to prevent outside interference.

    The heat detector, which detects smoke, soot and other particles during a fire, is a sensitive device. The heat detector, on the other hand, sends a signal to the panel when the temperature exceeds a certain level during fire detection. The fire alarm siren alerts the occupants of the building in the event of a fire, and ensures that precautions are taken. In addition, the fire alarm button, which allows the fire to be reported manually, is also very important.

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    Cerberus PRO Interactive – FC722-ZZ
    Product Features

    FC722-ZZ (2-loop, expandable to 4) is a compact fire control panel with an integrated operating unit that can process signals from Cerberus™ PRO devices up to 252 addresses.

    The fire control panel can be used as a standalone version or networked.

    It can be programmed with a user-friendly Cerberus-Engineering-Tool to create a versatile system.

    Up to 32 fire control panels and fire terminals can be connected to a single cluster (C-WEB/SAFEDLINK network), or up to 16 panels when the cluster is connected to a hazard management system.

    Using a fiber optic backbone (C-WEB/LAN), up to 14 of these clusters can be networked with up to 16 panels each.

    This topology enables the creation of an EN 54 compliant network with up to 64 fire control panels and fire terminals.

    All detector lines are monitored for earth faults.

    Up to 2000 events can be stored according to various criteria.

    Automatic summer/winter time change. Detection and auto-reading (auto-configuration) of all C-NET devices provides instant simple operation.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Detector compatibility Cerberus PRO FD720
    • Number of addresses 252
    • Number of detector lines 2 (4) loops or 4 (8) stub lines
    • Programmable input/output 8
    • Relay outputs 1x RT alarm , 1x RT fault
    • Supervised output 1x RT alarm , 1x RT fault , 1x Horn
    • Mains voltage AC 97...127 V / AC 196...253 V
    • Operating voltage DC 21…28.6 V
    • Operating current 2500 mA
    • Power supply 70 W
    • Bypass time for emergency power supply 72 h
    • Battery capacity 2x 12 V, 7...12 Ah
    • Plug-in position 2 -> for serial interfaces RS232, RS485 , 2 -> for network modules , 1 -> for loop extension (C-NET)
    • Operating temperature '-8…42 °C
    • Storage temperature '-20...+60 °C
    • Relative humidity ≤95 % rel. (no condensation)
    • Protection category IP30
    • Color housing/cover Light grey, ~RAL 7035 / Gray, ~RAL 050 00 00
    • Cabinet dimensions (W x H x D) 430 x 398 x 160 mm (without cover cap) 430 x 398 x 188 mm (with cover cap)
    • Accessories DL3750+ Matrix printer (Extern) , FCA1209-Z1 Output module (230 V) , FCA2014-A1 Cable kit (communication) , FHA2015-A1 Flush mounting bezel two HU , FHA2016-A1 19" mounting kit
    • Expansion FCA2001-A1 RS232 module (isolated) , FCA2002-A1 RS485 module (isolated) , FCA2005-A1 Sounder module , FCA2031-A1 Connection module (MoNet) , FCA2033-A1 License key (S1)