DLF1191-AC Linear Detector Light Filter

DLF1191-AC Linear Detector Light Filter



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    What are the Advantages of Fire Alarm System?

    It is accepted by everyone that fire is a very serious danger to human life and property. In this case, the alarm and detection system facility prevents these dangers. However, the advantages to be obtained with the detection system are not limited to these. Thanks to fire detection systems, it is determined in which region or point the fire broke out. Thus, while providing a faster response opportunity, it is easier to control the area evacuation.

    You should also prefer fire detection systems for the prevention of being trapped in the building due to fire, directing the fire extinguishers to the right area on time and all other privileges. You will be able to achieve ideal results with solutions to be installed through fire detection systems companies. Moreover, you will always be ready for fire with periodic maintenance services for fire detection systems.

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    DLF1191-AC Linear Detector Light Filter
    Product Features

    It is extremely rare for the detector to interfere with foreign light.

    However, if such distortion occurs when there is a strong influence of outside light, the foreign light filter is present.

    The filter absorbs irritating IR rays.

    The filter can be attached to the detector (not possible if a short-range filter is installed).

    Technicial Specifications