Fire Terminal - FT724-ZZ

Fire terminal – FT724-ZZ



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    fire detection

    The advantages of technology come to the fore in order to survive fires that can cause serious damage, loss of life and property with minimum damage. Nowadays, it can be very difficult to be aware of the fires that may occur due to the widespread use of multi-storey buildings. Because fires can start in unused areas as well as living areas. In order to be protected from fire, fire detection technologies draw attention. This system, which analyzes gas and smoke with special sensors, can warn every person in the building in case of fire. These technologies can be used in many areas such as homes, hospitals, schools and workplaces.

    Fire Detection Systems

    Fire detection technologies, which give the first chance to respond to the fire and extinguish it before it grows, add value to human life. It provides a safe environment and attracts everyone's attention with its easy use. The system, which is used together with the fire alarm unit, is supported by different equipment. It basically consists of various alarm detectors, flashers and buttons.

    The fire detection system sends the information it receives via cable connections to the main panel. It is transmitted to the control panel by exchanging information between the detector and the system cable. Ceiling mounted heat and temperature rise detectors give a warning with audible alarms in case of a leak. Users can monitor the received information from the panel. It should be applied to an area of ​​sufficient width to get the best efficiency from the system.

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    Fire terminal – FT724-ZZ
    Product Features

    FT724 fire terminal is a remote control panel from the central control panel, which can optionally be operated with its own power supply.

    The operating unit has installation slots for optional interfaces such as RS232, RS485, network modules (SAFEDLINK) and a key switch.

    Up to 32 fire control panels and fire terminals can be connected to a single cluster (C-WEB/SAFEDLINK network), or up to 16 panels when the cluster is connected to a hazard management system.

    Using a fiber optic backbone (C-WEB/LAN), up to 14 of these clusters can be networked with up to 16 panels each.

    This topology enables the creation of an EN 54 compliant network with up to 64 fire control panels and fire terminals.

    Optional power supply, ie power supply kit (70 W) and batteries 2 x 12 V / 7 Ah must be ordered separately.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) 430 x 398 x 103 mm
    • Operating voltage DC 21…28.6 V
    • Power supply 70 W (optional)
    • Quiescent current 125 mA
    • Battery capacity Max. 2x 12 V / 7 Ah (optional)
    • Plug-in position 2 -> for serial interfaces RS232, RS485 , 2 -> for network modules
    • Operating temperature -8…+42 °C
    • Storage temperature -20…+60 °C
    • Relative humidity ≤95 % rel. (no condensation)
    • Protection category IP30
    • Color housing/cover Gray, ~RAL 7035 / Gray, ~RAL 050 00 00
    • Cabinet dimensions (W x H x D) 430 x 398 x 80 mm (without cover cap) 430 x 398 x 108 mm (with cover cap)