FP2015-A1 Additional Power Supply (70W)

FP2015-A1 Additional Power Supply (70W)



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    Fire Detection Systems Periodic Maintenance

    Fires may occur due to human errors or system failures. No matter what, a fire can cause loss of life and property. Fire detection systems are efficient mechanisms that minimize or completely prevent these losses. Fire detection through detectors; It detects smoke, soot and temperature rise and gives a warning to the electrical panel. Periodic maintenance of fire detection systems is very important for the efficient operation of the devices. Systems produced with modern technologies can now automatically give a pollution warning. Since accumulated dirt can cause false alarms, it is recommended to perform maintenance on time. Weekly and monthly maintenance is done by the company, while 3, 6 and 12 month maintenance is done by authorized services.

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    FP2015-A1 Additional Power Supply (70W)
    SIEMENS FP2015-A1
    Product Features

    Auxiliary power supply to all stations (control panels and terminals).

    It converts mains voltage to system voltage.

    Monitors mains voltage and batteries.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Mains voltage AC 97…127 V / AC 196…253 V
    • Supply voltage AC 97…127 V or AC 196…253 V
    • Power supply 70 W
    • Operating current 2500 mA
    • Battery capacity 2 x 12 V, 7 Ah / 12 Ah / 17 Ah
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) 95 x 170 x 54 mm