IP-Com Pro-S24-410W

IP-Com Pro-S24-410W



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    IP-Com Pro-S24-410W
    ProFi Switch
    Product Features

    IP-Com Pro-S24-410W

    Pro-S24-410W is a Gigabit switch with 24-port PoE of IP-COM ProFi software controller switch series, specially designed for such scenarios as SMBs and smart hotels. The switch can offer PoE output power up to 370W and support centralized control and management by IP-COM ProFi software controller, allowing users to deploy the network quickly.

    Routing Protocol

    The switch Support static routing protocol which support layer-2 isolation and layer-3 intercommunication, thus achieving efficient and fast layer-3 forwarding.

    Centralized Management

    Support centralized management and device status monitoring by the ProFi software controller, and support remote access to cloud services, which is not restricted by the installation location of the device.

    Smart PoE power supply

    It provides 24 Gigabit PoE ports that comply with the IEEE802.3AF/AT standards. The maximum output of the whole switch is 370W, and the maximum output power of a single port is 30W. Users can flexibly set PoE power supply time, that means the PoE power supply can turned on or off at regular intervals.


    The system can generate a network topology automatically. It support IP camera discovery based on ONVIF protocol and network device discovery based on LLDP, as well as online/offline status detection for all devices in the network, which improves the LAN operation and maintenance efficiency and also reduces the maintenance cost.

    Technicial Specifications