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    Product Features


    Over 100 programmable usage features
    Compatible with special phone sets and standard phones
    Using the rich features of the exchange with a single button with the special telephone set (optional)
    Forwarding to the cheapest rate (LCR)
    Ability to reach subscribers directly and leave messages without keeping the phone operator busy with Robot Operator and Voice Mail Box (optional)
    More efficient and economical communication, thanks to Net-CM Reporting Software, by monitoring the cost and duration of telephone traffic on a computer monitor (optional)
    With Net-Console (CTI) Software, the user can monitor the operations performed by dialing numbers over the phone, also on the computer screen, and use many PBX features quickly and effectively (optional)
    Automatic fax forwarding
    Ability to detect polarity change and charging signal
    Door opening relay and doorphone connection (optional)
    Ease of remote programming in service and maintenance services

    In addition to the features of the MS38S model:

    It has CID (Caller ID Display) feature on all extensions. (This feature works on lines supported by Türk Telekom)
    It has the feature of sending/receiving SMS (Short Message Service) on all extensions. (This feature works on lines supported by Türk Telekom)
    It enables the battery to be connected so that the plant is not affected by power cuts.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Capacity 4 external / 8 internal lines + 1 doorphone channel
    • Control AM188ES Processor
    • Control EPROM (1 Mbit)
    • Control EEPROM (4 Kybte)
    • Control 512 Kbit Static RAM with NiMh Battery Backup
    • switching Space-shared CMOS Crosspoint Switch
    • tones Standard
    • Feed AC220V, 50-60 Hz
    • Power consumption MS38S-C: 7 Watt at rest
    • Strength 230 VAC – 50 Hz
    • Subscriber Link 1200 Ohm Telephone machine internal loop resistance Standard DP/DTMF telephones, ability to connect special sets
    • Line Connection: DP/DTMF signaling, 12/16 kHz charging signal detection, Polarity change detection (except MS26S)
    • Interfaces: RS232, external music connection
    • Environmental conditions 0° - 45° temperature, 20%-80% non-condensing humidity
    • Boyutlar 24,5 x 28,2 x 4,3 cm