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    Product Features

    Usage Features

    Automatic outside line hold
    Automatic system check
    Call barring
    Direct subscriber access
    Different ring cadences
    External call forwarding
    Forwarding to the cheapest rate (LCR)
    Trunk access groups
    Automatic trunk opening
    night service
    parallel operators
    Reporting system parameters
    External line-domestic line connection in case of power failure
    remote programming
    Internal subscriber groups
    Serial call transfer
    system administrator
    Time and tariff tables
    MF/DP dialing
    Fax forwarding

    Software Features

    Memory dialing (public/private)
    automatic search
    Notify a busy subscriber
    queuing up
    busy outside line
    Busy subscriber
    Missed call
    Call waiting
    call parking
    Call transfer
    chief secretary grouping
    do not be disturbed
    doorphone connection
    door opening
    Flexible numbering
    Call forwarding; all calls, night service, busy extension, missed call
    emergency line
    Line-Outline connection
    Receiving an outside line
    Last number repeat
    Password usage
    phone lock
    Call capture
    hold music
    Reminder/wake up service
    volume adjustment

    Other Features

    Caller ID display (CLIP)
    (If only Karel Operator console is used for internal calls,
    For external calls, if ID12 device and Karel Operator console are used)
    Caller number restriction (CLIR)
    Display dialed number (CDLP)
    Dialed number restriction (COLR)
    Pricing; at the beginning of the call (AOC-S), during the call (AOC-O), at the end of the call (AOC-E)
    Multiple subscriber numbering (MSN)
    Direct intercom (DDI)
    Point-to-point connection
    Point-to-multipoint connection
    Display of network messages

    Special Features for Hotels

    Identifying a hotel room subscriber
    Check in
    Hotel room status (full, empty, reserved)
    Room viewing (clean, dirty, cleaning)
    locating service
    time limit
    Search authorization level

    Technicial Specifications
    • Control Stored program control (SPC)
    • Memory Capacity 1024Kb CMOS EPROM 256Kb CMOS SRAM
    • switching Space sharing CMOS Crosspoint Switch
    • Feed AC220V, 50-60Hz.
    • Power consumption 15-95 W
    • Subscriber Link Loop resistance including telephone machine 1200 Ohm
    • Standard DP/DTMF phones
    • Ability to connect up to 16 custom sets
    • outside line connection DP/DTMF signaling
    • 12/16kHz. sensing a charging signal
    • Detecting polarity change
    • Euro ISDN SO interface compatible
    • Other Interfaces RS232, external music connection
    • Ambient Conditions: 0 oC + 45 oC temperature, 20%-80% humidity
    • Capacity 4-20 external/12-124 internal lines and 1 doorphone channel
    • Dimensions (w*h*d): 45x27x31 cm
    • Weight (kg): 12