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    Product Features
    • Thanks to the support of two ethernet ports, it offers the opportunity to be used with operators that can provide SIP trunk line from separate ethernet
      Number of IP subscribers that can talk at the same time: 140 (70 when voice recording is active)
      Codecs: G.711 A-law/U-law, G.722, G.729A/B, iLBC, GSM, T.38
      Integrated voice recording system (20.000 minutes of voice recording and voice message capacity is available on the product)
      Possibility of recording audio recordings to USB disk
      Integrated robot operator and voice mail services
      Sharing of voice messages and audio recordings by e-mail
      Queue capabilities
      Operator and supervisor interfaces
      Mini CRM
      Advanced reporting
      Reporting conversations with WebCM
      With the Karel Mobile application, you can call with an extension number from smart phones as a switchboard subscriber.
      Video communication, conference and messaging facilities over the internet with a software-based phone installed on the computer
      Viewing the busyness and status information of the subscribers,
      Easy terminal management thanks to auto-provision support for Karel and different brands of IP phones (Get information from our sales department for supported brands and models.).
      Video call facility between IP subscribers and external lines
      Over 100 programmable usage features
      Compatible with special phone sets and standard phones
      Teleconference management via web interface
      Multi-language support (Turkish, English, German, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian integrated language support on IVR)
      The firewall
      Automatic update over the Internet
    Technicial Specifications
    • Usage temperature 0-50 degrees (degrees can be written as *C)
    • storage temperature -20 – 65
    • Dimensions 130x130x40 mm
    • Weight IPS411 and IPS420: 530gr / IPS441: 680gr
    • Guarantee 2 years (System Battery 1 year)
    • SD card up to 128GB