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    Satellite Systems

    With the launch of the first man-made artificial satellite in 1957, many things changed in the world. Satellite systems, which serve many purposes, increase the power of technology with their advanced features. These systems, which are used as a kind of data transfer mirror with their materials, receive data signals from the world. It then projects this data back to the world in order to transfer it to a wider scope. These systems have many functions. Satellite systems, which facilitate human life and expand the boundaries of technology, are sent to the orbit of the world and moved in a certain plane. In our country, the first artificial satellite was launched into orbit in 2011.

    What is the Role of Satellite Systems?

    Since satellite systems serve different purposes, they have been classified by people. It can be used for communication purposes, photographic purposes, military purposes, meteorological purposes, scientific, monitoring and imaging. Satellites, which receive signals and reflect them like mirrors, resend these signals to a certain coverage area. In this way, this coverage area can benefit from the benefits of satellites. For this, we can give television satellites as an example. The satellite antennas in the buildings receive the signals sent by the satellites and convert them into images. Satellite systems used for communication can carry phone calls and internet streaming as well as TV broadcasts.

    Questions About Satellite Systems
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    Product Features

    Broadband distribution amplifier for terrestrial TV and IF satellite.

    It strengthens the return path and is available in different frequencies depending on the model.

    Each TV and SAT band has gain control and slope control.

    It is powered by a built-in switching power supply.

    The input and output test point allows checking and adjusting the installation without having to disconnect the TV signal.

    It is used as a distribution amplifier in large terrestrial and IF band SMATV installations.

    It is designed to allow the IF band to be distributed among different groups of buildings or houses from a single SAT header.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Made of zamak and galvanized sheet for maximum protection.
    • Separate enclosures for power supply unit and high frequency circuit.
    • F-type connectors at the bottom to aid installation.