SIEMENS DF1101-Ex Infrared Flame Detector - Collective (Ex-proof)

SIEMENS DF1101-Ex Infrared Flame Detector – Collective (Ex-proof)



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    SIEMENS DF1101-Ex Infrared Flame Detector – Collective (Ex-proof)
    SIEMENS DF1101-Ex
    Product Features

    The flame detector DF1101-Ex is intrinsically safe for Ex-protected areas.

    The infrared flame detector DF1101-Ex is designed for explosion protection category ‘Intrinsic safety’ Ex i.

    A sensor measures hot carbon dioxide at a specific flame wavelength; the other two sensors simultaneously measure interference radiation of other wavelengths.

    With intelligent signal processing through fuzzy algorithms and wavelet analysis, the DF1101-Ex provides excellent detection reliability while maintaining the highest immunity to interference radiation and sunlight.

    To protect against a possible emergency decision, the detector includes an additional emergency activation channel.

    It is suitable for chemical manufacturing plants, oil refineries, propane and butane filling plants, all explosion hazardous areas where flaming fires involving carbonaceous materials may be expected.

    The DFB1190 base must be ordered separately.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Operating voltage DC 16...28 V
    • Quiescent current 0.5 mA
    • Ex-classification II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 (-35 °C ≤Ta ≤70 °C)
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) 135 x 135 x 32 mm