SIEMENS FDS226-WW Addressable Sounder Beacon (White - White)

SIEMENS FDS226-WW Addressable Sounder Beacon (White – White)



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    SIEMENS FDS226-WW Addressable Sounder Beacon (White – White)
    Product Features

    The device alarms in the addressable fire detection system and activates the audible and visual alarm signal in case of fire alarm.

    Wall mounted e. G. along escape routes, corridors, stairwells and offices.

    Volume, tones and light intensity can be adjusted, devices are synchronized.

    Supply and communication via FDnet/C-NET, no auxiliary power required.

    The device automatically tracks its signature and acoustic function.

    The base must be ordered separately.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Standard EN 54-3 , EN 54-23 , EN 54-17
    • Protection category IP33C; IP65 with base deep
    • Operating voltage DC 16…33 V
    • Operating temperature -25…70 °C
    • Operating current 4…25 mA (tone and beacon activated)
    • Number of sounds 16
    • Storage temperature -30...+75 °C
    • Quiescent current 400 μA
    • Relative humidity ≤95 % rel.
    • Sound intensity 75…99 dB (A)
    • Cable capacity 0.2…2.5 mm2
    • Communication protocol FDnet/C-NET
    • System compatibility FDnet -> FS20 (MP7) C-NET -> FS720 (IP7)
    • Dimensions (Ø x H) 116 x 42.7 mm
    • Color Pure white, ~RAL 9010
    • Accessories FDB226-W Base (wall mounting), white , FDB227-W Base deep (wall mounting), white , FDBZ293 Detector locking device , LP720 Detector locking device
    • Light intensity High = W-3.2-10 Medium = W-2.4-7.5 Low = O-2-6.2 Indicator