SIEMENS FDS227-WW Addressable Announcement Siren Flasher (White - White)

SIEMENS FDS227-WW Addressable Announcement Siren Flasher (White – White)



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    SIEMENS FDS227-WW Addressable Announcement Siren Flasher (White – White)
    Product Features

    The device gives an alarm in the addressable fire detection system and activates the audible and visual alarm signal with an audio message in case of a fire alarm.

    Wall mounted e. G. along escape routes, corridors, stairwells and offices.

    Volume, tones, light intensity and voice messages can be adjusted, devices are synchronized.

    15 languages ​​are integrated into the device, each voice message can be sent in two consecutive languages.

    Supply and communication via FDnet/C-NET, no auxiliary power required.

    The device automatically tracks its signature and acoustic function.

    The base must be ordered separately.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Standard EN 54-3 , EN 54-23 , EN 54-17
    • Protection category IP33C; IP65 with base deep
    • Operating voltage DC 16…33 V
    • Operating temperature -25…70 °C
    • Operating current 4…27 mA (tone/voice and beacon activated)
    • Number of sounds 16
    • Storage temperature -30...+75 °C
    • Quiescent current 400 μA
    • Relative humidity ≤95 % rel.
    • Sound intensity 71…94 dB (A)
    • Cable capacity 0.2…2.5 mm2
    • Communication protocol FDnet/C-NET
    • System compatibility FDnet -> FS20 (MP7) C-NET -> FS720 (IP7)
    • Dimensions (Ø x H) 116 x 42.7 mm
    • Color Pure white, ~RAL 9010
    • Accessories FDB226-W Base (wall mounting), white , FDB227-W Base deep (wall mounting), white , FDBZ293 Detector locking device , LP720 Detector locking device
    • Light intensity High = W-3.2-10 Medium = W-2.4-7.5 Low = O-2-6.2 Indicator