SIEMENS Neural Fire And CO Detector - OOHC740

SIEMENS Neural Fire and CO Detector – OOHC740



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    SIEMENS Neural Fire and CO Detector – OOHC740
    Product Features

    Fire and CO detector for very early and reliable detection of fire caused by three criteria smoke, heat and gas analysis

    Very fast response to all carbon monoxide (CO)-producing fires and very early and reliable alarm in environments with deceptive phenomena It works according to the principle of two-light scattered light, optical forward and back scattering.

    The opto-electronic sampling chamber blocks out extra irritating light but best detects both dark and light smoke particles.

    Special ASA parameter sets. Additional CO analysis makes it extraordinarily fast and ideal for applications where occupant detection speed is critical (eg nursing homes, hospitals, sheltered homes, etc.).

    CO life safety detection and additional detection channels for CO or thermal environment condition monitoring. The base must be ordered separately.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Standard CEA 4021 , EN 54-5 , EN 54-7 , EN 54-17 , VdS 2806
    • Protection category IP40; IP42 with detector base seal
    • Operating voltage DC 12…33 V
    • Operating current 0.38 mA
    • Operating temperature -10…50 °C
    • Storage temperature -20...+55 °C
    • Quiescent current ~300...380 μA
    • Ext. alarm indicator 2
    • System compatibility C-NET -> FS720
    • Communication protocol C-NET
    • Relative humidity ≤95 % rel.
    • Color Pure white, ~RAL 9010
    • Accessories LP720 Detector locking device