Z3B171 Relay 220V/10A

Z3B171 Relay 220V/10A



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    What Does Fire Detection Do?

    Fire detection systems that prevent fires that may occur day or night are important for every business. These systems, developed to prevent loss of life and property, are perfect for early intervention. Fire detection systems companies also strengthen the technologies of these products by developing them day by day. If used with automatic fire extinguishing systems, the fire can be extinguished before it starts.

    A fire that can break out suddenly in hospitals, schools, warehouses, workplaces and residences may not always be noticed. Starting with a small spark can lead to bigger problems if left unnoticed for a long time. Thanks to the products they have, fire detection systems companies allow the relevant personnel to be notified easily that a fire has broken out.

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    Z3B171 Relay 220V/10A
    Product Features

    The relay module is an additional fire event control module activated by the fire control panel control output.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Contact rating AC 250 V / 10 A
    • Delivery unit 10 pieces