IP-Com G1126P-24-410W

IP-Com G1126P-24-410W



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    IP-Com G1126P-24-410W
    24GE+2SFP Ethernet Unmanaged Switch With24-Port PoE
    Product Features

    IP-Com G1126P-24-410W

    G1126P-24-410W is a unmanaged PoE switch independently designed by IP-COM. Compliant with IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at standards, it can identify PoE-powered devices intelli-gently. With a maximum PoE power output of 370 W, and 30 W for a single port, it can supply power when transmitting data with APs, IP cameras, and IP phones. The switch supports 4 working modes, including standard, priority, extend and VLAN modes, is an ideal choice for SMBs, hotels, schools, factories with video surveillance and wireless networking require-ments.

    6kV lightning protection

    The switch offers various safety and protection types, including 6kV lightning protection, PSE short-circuit protection, PoE overload protec-tion, surge current protection etc.

    Gigabit uplink port

    With two 1000 Mbps SFP slots, the switch can meet the current demand for uplink bandwidth of Gigabit WLAN and HD digital surveillance.

    370 W PoE power supply

    The switch features 16 IEEE 802.3at/af-compliant RJ45 ports. The entire switch offers a maximum PoE power output of 230W, and 30W for a single port, to supply power to and data transmission with 24 PoE-pow-ered devices such as APs and IP cameras.

    One-key to switch 4 modes

    It supports 4 working modes, including standard, priority, extend and VLAN modes. The hardware DIP mode switch makes networking straight-forward and effortless.

    Technicial Specifications
    • Compliant with IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3ab, IEEE802.3z, IEEE802.3x and IEEE802.3af/at standards.
    • 24 * 100/1000 Mbps Base-T RJ45 ports for data transmission and power supply.
    • 2 * 1000 Mbps Base-X SFP slots.
    • 8K MAC address table and MAC address auto-learning.
    • IEEE 802.3x-compliant full-duplex flow control and half-duplex backpressure flow control.
    • 48Gbps backplane bandwidth.
    • Maximum power consumption of a single port: 30W.
    • Maximum power consumption of the switch: 410W.
    • 4 modes: standard, priority, extend and VLAN.
    • Rack mounting.