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    Product Features

    With Karel IPCS, up to 8 call center operators and 1 supervisor can be defined. In addition to these, support for up to 60 external lines and up to 100 IP subscribers can be offered with the product.


    Integrated Audio Recording
    Interviews with customers are automatically recorded with Karel IPCS. In this way, it is ensured that the service quality can be measured and possible conflicts can be prevented.

    Mini CRM
    With the Mini CRM application, operators can easily save the notes and information of the calling customers and the conversation in the customer database on the system in order to use them in future calls. The caller information can be viewed instantly by the operators via automatic pop-up screens.

    Fast and Flexible Call Distribution
    With Karel IPCS, calls are answered quickly, distributed with the method preferred before, and answered by the most suitable operator for the calling customer. Different distribution scenarios can be used such as balanced, random, sequential, rated, circular, personal and VIP. Thanks to flexible call distribution, customers’ waiting times are minimized.

    Web Based Interface
    The system, which has a web-based user-friendly interface, displays the status of all received calls on the web screens of the operator computers. The main features are combined in a minimal number of screens without creating clutter. All basic call operations can be completed via the web interface, from anywhere and at any time.

    Effective Operator Management
    All movements and activities of the operators can be monitored by the call center manager (supervisor), instantaneous intervention can be made when necessary and detailed reports can be made. The supervisor can listen to an operator he/she chooses or all operators in a certain order and can be included in the conversation in a way that cannot be heard by the customer when needed.

    Break Management
    With Karel IPCS, the input (log-in) and output (log-out) movements of the operators in the system can be reported.

    Web Based CRM Integration

    With the Karel IPCS product, which can be integrated into the web-based CRM system used by the enterprise, all the information saved in the CRM system of the people can be automatically displayed on the computer screen without the need for any extra effort from the operator.

    Web-CM Integration
    Karel IPCS product, which can work integrated with Karel switchboards with Web-CM feature, provides businesses with additional reporting support regarding call traffic over the exchange, and provides traceability for the cost/charge of calls.

    Operator Reports
    Regarding the operators working in the call center by the supervisor; Incoming call number report, break records report, operator summaries report, operator records report, operator efficiency report and operator outgoing call report can be obtained. The working efficiency of the operators can be monitored instantly thanks to these reports.

    Incoming Call Reports
    The overall performance of the calls handled by the call center can be examined in detail with the incoming call number report, the incoming call duration report, the incoming call summaries report and the number of incoming calls by city report.

    Cancellation Call Reports
    Situations where customers end their calls without being able to connect to operators may cause companies to miss potential opportunities. With Karel IPCS, cancellation number list report and cancellation detail report related to such calls can be obtained, and missed calls can be returned.

    Queue Reports
    Queues come at the head of the factors that directly affect the performance of the call center. supervisor with Karel IPCS; Queue calls report, queue time report, queue length report and queue summaries reports can be pulled from the system. In this way, it can monitor queue performances and take preventive and remedial measures.

    Thanks to the Firewall and Atak Control software that comes with the system, it provides increased security features.

    Technicial Specifications