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    L3 Cloud Managed Switch
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    G5312F is an IP-COM Layer-3 managed switch. To meet the demand of high-performance access, the switch provides 10 10/100/1000 Mbps Base-T Ethernet ports and 2 separate 1000 Mbps Base-X SFP ports. With an innovative hardware structure and software platform, it features a powerful processing capacity and complete security protection mechanism, making management and maintenance easy and simple, fully meeting the demands of high-density user access and high-performance aggregation, ideal for the aggregation layer or core layer of such medium to large networks as enterprises and campuses.

    Dual 6 kV professional lightning protection

    Provides dual 6 kV port and power lightning protection, and supports power over-temperature and overvoltage protection, and surge current protection.

    Layer-3 routing protocol

    Supports Layer-3 static routing protocol, meeting the demand of the 3-layer networking environment in which Layer-3 networks should be interconnected while Layer-2 networks should be isolated, thus realizing an efficient and fast layer-3 routing forwarding.

    IMS cloud managed

    The switch can be managed by IP-COM IMS cloud platform, and it supports remote configuration and maintenance, greatly reducing the user’s after-sales cost.

    Rich security features

    Supports IP address filtering, MAC address filtering, ARP filtering, DoS attack defense, and ACL access control list, improving network security.

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