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4 Titles About Periodic Maintenance of Fire Detection Systems



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    4 Titles About Periodic Maintenance of Fire Detection Systems

    Fire Detection Systems Periodic Maintenance

    Fires may occur due to human errors or system failures. No matter what, a fire can cause loss of life and property. Fire detection systems are efficient mechanisms that minimize or completely prevent these losses. Fire detection through detectors; It detects smoke, soot and temperature rise and gives a warning to the electrical panel. Periodic maintenance of fire detection systems is very important for the efficient operation of the devices. Systems produced with modern technologies can now automatically give a pollution warning. Since accumulated dirt can cause false alarms, it is recommended to perform maintenance on time. Weekly and monthly maintenance is done by the company, while 3, 6 and 12 month maintenance is done by authorized services.


    Mistakes Caused by Negligence

    Fire detection systems may give false alarms even in dust, exhaust gas and rapid air currents if periodic maintenance is not performed. Smoke detectors can sound an alarm even in areas with high humidity or even insects. Temperature detectors, on the other hand, may work due to the heat emitted by white goods such as ovens and stoves. Regular fire detection systems of restaurants, hotels and facilities where flammable gases are located must need periodic maintenance. Flame detectors can alarm during welding processes, lamps that emit excessive heat, and even in sunlight. You should not forget the maintenance for a system that works correctly and that the prestige of the enterprise is not adversely affected.

    Why is Periodic Maintenance of Fire Detection Systems Performed?

    Periodic maintenance applications of fire detection systems should be done due to the mandatory items in the regulation. It may experience wear due to improper maintenance, moisture and dirt. This negatively affects the service life of the system. In addition, a trouble-free system can lead to major breakdowns simply due to lack of maintenance. These malfunctions increase your costs as they cannot be considered under insurance. It will be very advantageous for the business owners to have simple checks done before the general maintenance. The information in the maintenance and service manuals can assist you in this process.

    FireProtection fire alarms blueprints

    How to Perform Periodic Maintenance of Fire Detection Systems?

    The control panel is put into test mode before the periodic maintenance applications of fire detection systems start. With the mode, the alarm is prevented from being played. Then each detector is provided to sound the alarm. In this way, it is checked whether the alarm came from the correct address while the panel is being monitored. Along with the alarm, flashers and sirens are also examined. If there is no possible malfunction, all devices are cleaned. The backup power supply and fault indicators are also checked. Battery tests are also reviewed to ensure that the system can continue to function. Defects in fire alarm buttons, gas detection systems and other panels are eliminated. Mechanisms are repaired if wear and breaks are present. If the fire detection systems work in accordance with the fire scenario with the periodic maintenance application, the maintenance is completed.

    Advantages of Periodic Maintenance Maintenance ensures that the system can operate in a controlled and performance manner for many years. It facilitates the evacuation of people in the building by activating the warning system quickly in case of fire. Thanks to recalibrated detectors, it is possible to know exactly where the fire came from. This is very important to prevent the fire from recurring. In addition, control and instrument panels that have been maintained do not mislead the user during manual inspections. Thanks to a renewed system, electricity consumption is also less. The better working system prevents overload and short circuit. Periodic maintenance applications of fire detection systems help the system to work more sensitively. Penalties may arise if maintenance is not done because it is mandatory for business owners. Buildings where human life is protected are also very important for that business to gain trust. You can also contact us for systems and maintenance.

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