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Çanak Anten Nedir ? Çanak Antenler Hakkında Bilinmesi Gereken 3 Madde

Çanak Anten Nedir ? Çanak Antenler Hakkında Bilinmesi Gereken 3 Madde

Çanak Anten Nedir ? Çanak Antenler Hakkında Bilinmesi Gereken 3 Madde


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    8 Information About 120 CM Dish Antenna

    120 CM Dish Antenna

    The dish antennas attract the satellite signals in orbit and send them to the receiver at the tip and turn them into broadcast. These products, which are indispensable for audio and video broadcasts, are produced for you to watch high quality television broadcasts. The 120 CM dish antenna, which can collect quite a lot of signals due to its size, can resist seasonal conditions due to its quality. It has a long-lasting structure as it is resistant to wind, snow and rain. Due to its large structure, it can reflect dozens of images and sounds to the screen without sacrificing signal strength. Since small antennas will be affected by the harsh conditions of the season, a possible shake may cause image loss. The 120 CM dish prices are also at a level that will satisfy the users.

    120 CM Dish Antenna Specifications

    Dish antennas, which have many types, are divided into different models according to their design and signal strength. Due to its wide structure, 120 CM bowls positioned at a wide angle can also capture signals more clearly. The prices of the 120 CM dish are quite affordable as well as the quality.

    Products with different sheet thicknesses are produced in accordance with various places with their durable structure. The material structures are different for snowy regions and warm regions. In general, dish antennas collect the signals they receive in a curved structure in the middle. It also transmits the signal to the television. In order to always experience lossless entertainment with signal quality, 120 CM dish prices have been determined as accessible to everyone. You can contact us for detailed information about the 120 cm dish antenna specifications.


    120 CM Dish Antenna Types

    Dish antennas are produced in different models specific to their features and usage area. Parabola, offset, multifocus and punched dish antennas are among the products that are frequently purchased. 120 CM dish antenna prices also vary according to the features of the products.

    Hole Dish Antenna

    Perforated antennas are more prominent in order to prevent signal loss in areas with heavy rainfall. Especially in windy areas, air passage is provided through the holes, preventing the deterioration of broadcast quality due to shaking. You can also choose these products that prevent loss of direction in places where the weather conditions are harsh.

    Multifocus Dish Antenna

    The multifocus dish antenna, which takes its name from its name, has receivers that can receive more than one signal. It allows you to watch different satellites with a single dish. Multifocus antenna with multi-focus feature also receives signals from satellites near the targeted satellite. You can have these products with wide signal capacity with 120 CM dish antenna prices.

    Offset Dish Antenna

    The focal point at the bottom of the antenna is its distinguishing feature from other antennas. Products with an egg-like structure do not hold much snow in winter. You can easily watch channels from different satellites. Since the prices of the 120 CM dish in this model are determined entirely according to the wishes of the users, it is easy for everyone to reach a quality publication.

    Parabola Dish Antenna

    Parabola dish antenna with a wide viewing angle can be seen as a full circle when viewed from the opposite side. It has more bombs than other antennas. It is generally preferred widely in the eastern parts of our country. 120 CM dish prices are also determined at affordable prices for those who will prefer this type of products.


    120 CM Dish Prices

    When buying such products, the area to be installed must be determined well. Products sold with installation accessories are recommended to suit your environment. The 120 CM dish prices also appeal to everyone with the features to please.

    You can easily watch the best quality broadcasts with a variety of satellite dishes made of quality and durable materials. The products, which are suitable for all seasons and can be used in different cities, are suitable for every place. If you are wondering about the appropriate dish for your space, you can contact us. You can closely examine the quality that makes people smile with the prices of 120 CM dishes.

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