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Fire Detection Warning Systems



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    Fire Detection Warning Systems

    History has proven that the early detection of a fire and the issuing of an appropriate alarm signal continue to be important factors in preventing major fire losses. Properly installed and maintained fire detection and alarm systems can help increase the survival rate of occupants and emergency responders while reducing property losses.

    Fire detection and alarm systems, along with automatic fire extinguishing systems, are part of the active fire protection systems found in many workplaces. For this purpose, adopted building and fire codes may require the installation of fire detection and alarm systems. These systems usually require installation and maintenance by trained persons.

    Fire Detection Systems
    Fire Detection Systems

    Fire Detection Systems

    Algılama yöntemi ne olursa olsun, alarm tetiklendiğinde sirenler devreye girerek binadaki insanları yangın olabileceği konusunda uyaracak ve tahliye edilecektir. Yangın alarm sistemi aynı zamanda bir merkezi istasyon aracılığıyla itfaiyeyi uyarabilecek bir uzak sinyal sistemi de içerebilir.

    The “brain” of the fire detection system is the Fire Alarm Controller. It is the hub to which all detection signals will be connected and provides users with a fire status indication.

    In addition, the unit can be controlled to simulate the alarm system so that it can be used in routine fire and evacuation drills, so all personnel know what to do in the event of a real fire.

    Fire detection systems include a wide range of different types but can be basically grouped as follows:

    • smoke detectors
    • heat detectors
    • Multi-sensor detectors
    • Carbon Monoxide detectors
    • Manual Call Buttons
    Fire Detection Systems
    Fire Detection Systems

    Fire Alarm Systems

    Fire Alarm Systems can be basically divided into four main groups. These:

    Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

    In order to make it easier to detect the cause and area of ​​the alarm, call buttons and detection systems are divided into zones, which is important for both the general building management and the fire brigade.

    Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

    The principle of the addressable fire alarm system is the same as the Conventional System, except that by defining a specific Address to each detection system, it can determine exactly which detector or call button from the Control Unit in an emergency.

    In “Conventional Fire Warning System” and “Addressable Fire Warning System”, fire detection systems are not considered intelligent as they can only give signals that represent the value of the detected phenomenon.

    Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems

    In the Intelligent Fire Alarm system, each fire detection system is an intelligent system that evaluates the surrounding environment and notifies the Control Unit if there is a malfunction, fire or if the system needs cleaning.

    Kablosuz Yangın İhbar Sistemleri

    It is a simple concept with multiple unique benefits and is a complete intelligent fire detection and alarm system without the need for wiring. You can get information by visiting our website or calling to take advantage of Dijinet’s fire detection alarm systems, or to get information.

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