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Let’s Examine Satellite Systems in 6 Titles



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    Let’s Examine Satellite Systems in 6 Titles

    Satellite Systems

    The world changed a lot with the launch of the first artificial satellite in 1957. Satellite systems, which fulfill many functions, increase the power of technology with their advanced features. These systems, which are used as a kind of data transfer mirror with their materials, receive data signals from the world. It then projects this data onto the world so it can be transferred to a wider range.

    Satellite systems have many functions. Satellite systems, which facilitate human life and push the limits of technology, are sent to the orbit of the Earth and move in a certain plane. The first artificial satellite in our country was launched into orbit in 2011.

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    Satellite Systems
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    What is the Role of Satellite Systems?

    What is the Role of Satellite Systems?

    Satellite systems have been classified by humans because they have different purposes. It can be used for communication, photographic, military, meteorological, scientific, surveillance and imaging purposes. Satellites, which receive signals and reflect them like mirrors, send these signals back to a certain coverage area. In this way, this coverage area can benefit from the advantages of the satellite.

    For this, we can give the example of television satellites. Satellite antennas in buildings receive signals sent by satellites and convert them into images. The satellite system used for communication provides television programs or telephone connections.

    Military Satellites

    Military-purpose satellites are satellites that can perform many tasks such as intelligence, location tracking, information exchange and motion tracking. These satellite systems, which can monitor not only the movements of your own troops, but also the movements of the enemy, are important in ensuring security. Satellites can take snapshots, which can significantly increase data throughput by instantly sharing these photos. This gives a great advantage to countries with satellites.

    Military Satellites

    Meteorology Satellites

    Satellites, which can provide weather forecasts by following the air movement, make inferences by observing the clouds. It is also known to be used for military purposes. Satellite systems are used to know some weather events.

    Now, position estimation has become very easy with navigation satellites. This system, which detects unknown places using an electronic receiver, is made possible by three GPS satellites that pinpoint the exact point where the signals intersect. The satellite system continuously transmits radio signals and allows the GPS receiver to receive these signals. The more radio signals a GPS receiver receives, the more accurately it can detect.

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    What are the Advantages of Satellite Systems?
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    Prices of Satellite Systems

    What are the Advantages of Satellite Systems?

    Thanks to the satellite system, many inventions were born that made daily life easier. Hundreds of satellites orbiting the Earth send signals to perform various tasks. Countries with powerful satellites can gain military and social superiority through enhanced signals.

    Thanks to the unlimited internet we use today and the high quality images we see on television, satellite systems prove their importance in daily life. While people were asked how to find a previously unknown road, all locations can now be found accurately in a short time with smartphone navigation systems.

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