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We Examine Bosch Building Automation Systems in 3 Titles



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    We Examine Bosch Building Automation Systems in 3 Titles

    Bosch Building Automation

    We hear more and more about the negative effects of climate change and the efforts to create a sustainable environment. One of these efforts is to make buildings more friendly to the environment and the people who occupy it by adding a building automation system.

    So, what is a building automation system (BAS)? BAS is an intelligent system of both hardware and software that connects heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, security and other systems to communicate on a single platform. In this way, the automation system provides you with important information about the operational performance of a building, while also increasing the safety and comfort of the building occupants.

    Often, such automation systems are installed in new buildings or as part of the retrofit process of an old building. The main objectives of building automation systems are to reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, increase the comfort and productivity of building occupants, and extend the life cycle of utilities.

    What is the Function of Bosch Building Automation System (BAS)?

    Buildings controlled by Bosch Building Automation Systems are often called gravel buildings. Why? Because building is a more user-friendly, greener option and cheaper to operate. Most of the processes are performed in a central control unit. More advanced systems can be remotely controlled on different mobile devices using specific apps or platforms that contribute to the term “smart building”.

    In simple terms, the building automation system is just like the human brain, it tells building equipment what to do, just as your brain tells you to move your hands and legs. The main functions of BAS are keeping heating, cooling and ventilation in a certain range, humidity control, lighting according to the occupancy plan, proper operation of elevators, fire prevention, security and other critical systems in the building. It should also monitor the performance and potential malfunctions of each facility and alert building managers to any detected malfunctions. For example, based on the data provided, Bosch Building Automation Systems will adjust the temperature in the building according to the needs of the users or, through its sensors, will reveal the need for improvement of indoor air quality.

    Professional Bosch Building Automation

    You are at the right place to benefit from Bosh building automation service in a professional way. You can get information about these services by contacting us.

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