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We Gather and Examine Siemens Building Automation Systems and Products in 3 Titles



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    We Gather and Examine Siemens Building Automation Systems and Products in 3 Titles

    Siemens Building Automation

    Siemens Building automation is the realization of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) control, fire, elevators, system monitoring, security, command and lighting and the like in a single system. Various buildings are operated with automation systems. Therefore, Siemens building automation systems are needed in most places.

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    Siemens Bina Otomasyon Sisteminin Faydaları Nelerdir?

    The Siemens building automation system has many benefits. These systems are used in both workplaces and homes. Below are the benefits of the building automation system belonging to the Siemens brand:

    • The whole installation can be monitored and controlled from a center.
    • Energy and lighting become more efficient.
    • Staff errors are minimized.
    • Operating costs are reduced.
    • Maximum savings are achieved.
    • Adaptation is provided as soon as possible in changing conditions.
    • Manpower is saved. Labor costs are falling.
    • Preventive maintenance activities are carried out. Oil, filter change, etc. routine maintenance activities can be easily planned and performed, thus extending the life of equipment and systems.
    • Backup and primary equipment can be changed at any time, taking into account working hours.
    • In the event of a power outage and restarting, the devices that consume too much current will be reactivated gradually. This prevents overloading.
    • It warns people in the buildings accurately, quickly and reliably in dangerous situations such as natural disasters, explosions, fire and theft. In this way, the interior of the building can be evacuated faster and incidents can be dealt with in a more targeted way.
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    What are the Benefits of Siemens Building Automation System?
    Building automation controllers
    Siemens Building Automation System Project and Application

    Siemens Building Automation System Project and Application

    Some steps are required for the operation of the Siemens building automation system. If you apply to Dijinet, the following steps are applied to realize the optimum system for your company:

    • The existing electromechanical system in your installation is tested and it is determined which automation will be required, taking into account your needs.
    • CCTV of building automation system, fire alarms, access cards, elevators, factory automation, etc. The need and degree of integration with other systems is defined in your building.
    • Automation scenarios are created by discussing the designs of your project company beforehand.
    • System options are supplied with hardware and installation costs, future expansion needs are evaluated.
    • After the solution is decided, application projects are prepared, engineering, coding, graphic design, then on-site assembly and programming, training of your operators and system transfer are completed.
    • In the early stages, our engineers monitor system operation, perfecting system operator training loopholes and making minor software changes if necessary.
    • Once your system is up and running, our technical service teams are ready to meet your maintenance and service needs.

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