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We Gathered Fire Warning Systems under 4 Titles



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    We Gathered Fire Warning Systems under 4 Titles

    Fire Alarm Systems

    Fire alarm systems are the general name of systems that detect a possible fire situation early and notify people of the situation with various warnings. Fire alarm and alarm systems are perhaps the most important of all weak current systems to be used in a building. Since fire alarm systems work in a healthy way and fulfill a function that directly affects human life, they must be manufactured in certain standards. It comes from the certificates that the fire alarm system is produced according to the required standards. These certificates are given by tests conducted by independent organizations and accredited laboratories. Our country follows the quality standards under the heading EN54 for fire detection and alarm systems defined by the European Union. If you want to own a fire alarm system, you can consult us as the Dijinet family.

    Fire alarm systems consist of 2 types. These are;

    Fire Alarm Systems
    Fire Alarm Systems

    Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

    It is used to determine where fires originate, especially in medium and large-sized businesses or structures. It is important to quickly detect which detector or detectors are triggered in such a large structure and take appropriate action. The most basic functions of an addressable fire alarm system. Each component used in the system has a unique address and is in constant communication with the main control center. In this way, information about the instant status of all detectors in the system can be obtained. Diginet Addressable fire alarm systems are much more flexible than conventional products in terms of functionality and allow system design with different scenarios.

    Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

    Although addressable systems do not have flexible projecting capabilities, they are especially popular in small structures due to their economy, ease of installation and use. The system gives warnings per zone, not per detector.

    Fire Alarm Systems
    Fire Alarm Systems Prices

    How Fire Alarm Systems Work

    Fire alarm systems, flame sensor, smoke sensor, flow switch, temperature sensor, carbon monoxide sensor and detection messages are sent to the control panel. The warning sign flashes continuously on the control panel. This mark is created on the control panel of the fire detector.

    From this point on, residents are warned to leave the area with the emergency notification system. At the same time, an automatic signal is sent for the operation of the exhaust fan and the axial fan, if available in the settings. The fire alarm system also sends a signal to the fire generator, completing all necessary visual and audible warnings to control the fire before it gets too high.

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