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We Have Examined the Subject of Weak Current Companies in 3 Titles



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    We Have Examined the Subject of Weak Current Companies in 3 Titles

    Weak Current Firms Pricing

    A weak current current is a non-current electrical installation system that can endanger people or cause property damage. These systems operate at low voltage.

    Weak current current systems are power sources used to ensure the operation and operation of devices such as bells, antennas, telephones, fire alarm systems used in electrical installations. These systems have a very low installation voltage and are not in danger of collision.

    Weak current systems are also known as electrical installations that do not harm people, that is, do not harm people. These systems are very important systems for structures. A building without weak currents is considered to consist only of wood and concrete.

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    The weak current systems in the buildings are as follows;

    • Audio and voice alarm systems
    • Lighting automation
    • CCTV and security camera systems
    • IOT Solutions
    • Perimeter security systems
    • Tunnel Communication Systems
    • Elevator Communication Systems
    • RFID solutions
    • Under-vehicle imaging systems
    • parking barrier systems
    • Parking guidance systems
    • Parking guidance systems
    • UPS system
    • intercom systems
    • Television and satellite Systems
    • Telephone and switchboard systems
    • fire alarm systems
    • Smart home systems

    Where are Weak Current Systems Used?TE

    Weak current systems; Internet, voice communication, computer networks, workflow automation systems, building control, security systems and video surveillance are performed by these systems.

    The systems used in hospitals and factories are determined according to the needs of the building and its inhabitants. These systems are among the main systems that are very important for offices, residences, commercial and industrial facilities. Weak current systems provide all information and flow control in the building.


    First of all, it is very important that the preferred products are of high quality and comply with the standards for these systems to be long-lasting and trouble-free. In addition, the workmanship must be flawless and the installed system must be periodically checked and maintained. You can also contact Dijinet or visit our stores to get information about these systems.

    Weak Current Companies

    The most known Weak Current Companies in Turkey are;

    • Dijinet
    • Lancet
    • Mta group
    • Turaner
    • Srt engineering
    • Profas
    • blue security
    • Target Solution
    • daca electronics
    • Cesa
    • daca electronics
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