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What are CCTV Camera Systems in 6 Articles?



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    What are CCTV Camera Systems in 6 Articles?

    We can say that CCTV camera systems are cameras that work over the internet protocol. A CCTV camera is a camera, usually a surveillance camera, that communicates with the Internet protocol. However, this does not mean that the CCTV camera must also be installed on the Internet. This is because every private LAN or WLAN communicates via Internet protocol.

    Advantages of CCTV Cameras

    Internet Technology

    Network technology is an important advantage of CCTV camera. Because the CCTV camera is addressed like any other participant in an IP network, it doesn’t matter where the camera is installed in terms of location. When talking about the Internet of Things, we can also consider CCTV camera systems. CCTV systems

    Digital Processing

    The second major advantage of the CCTV camera is that the video data is already available digitally from the camera. This means that every authorized participant in the network has access to the camera. It is also very easy to guarantee live access to a CCTV camera via mobile app or PC. If the CCTV camera is connected to the internet, you can access this network camera from anywhere in the world. If you want to share videos with a large number of users, you can do so by embedding the link of the video on a website.

    DigiNet-CCTV Systems

    24 Hour Recording

    Surveillance cameras are mainly designed to get a better overview of certain areas. This affects areas that are difficult to control. With the help of a camera , many places can be easily monitored at any time of the day .


    Another advantage of the security camera is its deterrent effect. Above all, ordinary criminals shy away from houses and residential complexes with obvious security technology. In monitored areas, potential rebels will also think twice about whether to ruin the yard or stain the wall of the house. And one or the other will probably go straight to the neighbors, a nice side effect, don’t you think?

    Acil Bir Durumda Kanıtların Güvenilir Şekilde Korunması

    CCTV cameras often provide the first useful clues about the crime and the perpetrator after a theft. If these cannot be seen, the escape vehicle can be detected. With the help of high-resolution images, it is also easier to understand what it is. All the important details for a successful investigation and a very good help for the police.

    High Security

    However, in high security scenarios the best protection is when the network cameras are not connected to the internet at all. To do this, you just set up your own LAN for the cameras. At this point, it should be noted that the biggest risk for cyber attacks is still human. You do not change the standard password or use a very weak password. This is often found in the private sector.

    Dangers of CCTV Camera

    It can now easily be imagined that simple connection is also the biggest danger of a network camera. This is because basically anyone on the network can access the CCTV camera. Therefore, it is clear that a network camera must be very well protected against unauthorized access. This can be accomplished by sending all data in a strongly encrypted form and defining a strong password for access.

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