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3 Topics Related to Fire Detection Control Panel



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    3 Topics Related to Fire Detection Control Panel

    Fire Detection Control Panel

    Fire Detection Control Panel

    Fire Detection Control Panel serves not only as a warning system activated by the smoke detection system that emerges before the fire, but also as a flared fire warning system in the buildings or facilities where it is installed. Our company, which specializes in this subject, comes to your building or facilities and makes a preliminary examination and then performs the installation.

    Fire Detection Control Panel
    Fire Detection Control Panel

    Fire Detection Systems

    Fire detection systems consist of different components where they are installed. While the initial stage of the fire is detected with smoke detectors, the warning system is activated as a kind of alarm. These services are provided by our company specialized in this field. Companies must be authorized by the relevant institutions, especially by the fire department of the province. Our company, which provides these services to you, is the business that has all kinds of authorization certificates.

    The fire detection control panel acts as the brain of the whole system. This panel carries out the operations to be performed according to the incoming signals in all components. This panel activates the system, which is automatically activated both when a smoke signal is received and in case of warning. Again, it is the Fire detection control panel that manages the actions of monitoring the fire and extinguishing the fire.

    Fire Detection Control Panel

    Fire Detection System Installation

    Fire Detection System Installation should be done by authorized and expert companies. Employees of our company, who have sufficient experience in this regard, are fully trained and experienced people.

    Fire detection control panel installed by our company should be taken into maintenance in different time periods, if any, non-working or defective parts should be replaced. In this regard, we do not leave our customers alone and provide all kinds of support. In addition, the installations and maintenance we do are completely covered by the warranty.

    We also operate with the aim of satisfaction with the different alternative options offered to our customers. According to the demand, a regional fire warning system can be installed, as well as an automatic structure that can send warning signals to the relevant places. Do not forget that the fire detection control panel is necessary for the safety of life and property. You can get information by visiting our website or calling to take advantage of the advantages Dijinet offers you about fire detection systems or to get information.

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