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5 Topics About Audio Systems



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    5 Topics About Audio Systems

    What are Audio Systems?

    Voiceover devices are used to broadcast the desired messages and sounds. Audio systems, which consist of many materials, are details that are of great importance for businesses. For example, these devices, which will be used for orientation in a shopping mall, can provide customer comfort.

    Or a product that can broadcast music helps people have a pleasant time. The products, which can be used in the home environment as well as in the workplace, support the works of professional artists. Audio products that improve the sound experience with high equipment quality can create a pleasant ambiance. These products, which can also be used with fire detection systems, can guide people in areas to be evacuated during a possible fire.

    Features of Audio Systems

    Systems that can be used to evacuate people from buildings easily and quickly increase life safety to the next level. They are systems that work with sound systems, power supplies, speakers, central devices, mixers, amplifiers, control and warning devices. If it is to be used for voice alarm and fire detection purposes, the system must be more than the ambient noise. For this, a system must be determined according to the place to be installed.

    The wattage to be used in the system and physical fitness are also important issues. Quality microphones should be used if voice transmission is to be done manually for human evacuation in Özmeta voice over products. In addition, without the need for a microphone, many devices allow the desired messages to be transmitted thanks to automatic voice recording. For example, during a music broadcast, the mixer device may interrupt the broadcast and transfer the announcement. Audio products with short circuit protection are designed for long-term use.

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    Equipment Used in Özmeta Audio Systems


    Address system amplifiers amplify audio signals, delivering new sound to the speaker, enhancing the audio experience. The indicators on them show the current signal level. It can have different dimensions according to the area to be used. It is also used as an amp in Turkish. They are divided into different features according to their classes.


    The device that converts the signal into sound is called a loudspeaker. In general, it has three different models produced in tweeter, midrange and woofer styles. In addition, Özmeta voice-over products have functional sub-types such as wall type, range and suspended ceiling type. Suspended ceiling speakers come to the fore by occupying less space. Hanging pans are frequently used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and schools. Wall type is the products that are fixed to the wall. They may have special cabins according to the area to be used.


    Mixer, which means mixer, allows multiple sounds to come out from a single point. The number of microphone inputs, their power, and the number of mono and stereo inputs are the main features of mixers.


    It is a system that helps increase or decrease sound frequencies. It has fine-tuning to help the sound sound more pleasing to the ear. They can be produced as software or hardware.


    It is a tool that helps transfer and storage processes by converting sound into electrical vibration with the help of electricity. Özmeta voice over products can make the current sound louder when a microphone is made when necessary settings are made.

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    Sound System Installation

    Before Özmeta voice-over products are installed, the sketch of the place is drawn simply. This drawing will assist in the placement of devices. In order to get the best efficiency from the sound system, the area is calculated. Uses such as for music, orientation, conference or evacuation are predetermined. Devices of sufficient power are placed in such a way that they do not disturb the people in the environment. In this way, acoustics are also used.

    Cable connections and lengths are also decorated so that they are not visible from the outside. An insufficiently long connecting cable can also cause a bad audio experience. It is necessary to make the best use of acoustics by preventing noise, echo and sound pollution. You can contact us for detailed information about Özmeta voice over products, installation, installation and recommendations.

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