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    Alcad Turkey Dealer

    Alcad Turkey Dealer

    As Alcad Turkey dealer, we offer practical solutions that make life easier in the field of technology. Thanks to the technologies you can use in every moment of your life, you can save time and spend more time on your social life. Founded in 1987, the Alcad brand has made its name in many sectors with its multimedia systems, intercom systems, IPTV system and nurse call systems. These technologies, which are offered to the service of every sector, provide success above the standards in security, entertainment and health. As an Alcad Turkey dealer, efforts to increase comfort add value to human life with projects adapted to needs.

    Services Offered as Alcad Turkey Dealer

    Alcad Turkey dealer provides effortless service thanks to technologies produced according to the needs of the sectors. Services also contribute to the budgets of sectors by reducing costs. With its high-level security systems, it ensures that measures can be taken against possible dangers in buildings.

    Intercom Systems

    Intercom, which forms the basis of smart home systems, comes to you with Alcad Turkey dealer. Thanks to the video and audio communication, people can manage their homes even from a distance. These systems, which can be integrated into the home or business environment, work flawlessly thanks to the high frequency. Specially designed entrance cards prevent prohibited entries in your company or site. You can access your home remotely with special software connected to your mobile phone. These systems, which can be used by pressing a few buttons, can be easily installed in buildings as an Alcad Turkey dealer.

    Multimedia Systems

    Multimedia systems, which provide the best image with maximum signal strength, increase the quality of the channels. Products with easy installation and assembly can be integrated into every building by Alcad Turkey dealer. The electrical and mechanical properties of the products, which do not interfere with different signals, prevent interference. You can feel the comfort right next to you with Alcad Turkey dealer, which makes entertainment more accessible with its wide product and model range.

    Health care

    Increasing the safety of patients with nurse call systems becomes easier with Alcad Turkey dealer. With the push of a single button, the patient’s alerts reach the healthcare team. Systems customized with many room equipment meet the needs in the healthcare field. Complete communication is possible with intercom devices placed in hospitals. At the same time, Alcad Turkey dealer can complete the multimedia requirement with IPTV that can be used in such venues.

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    Alcad Turkey Dealer Standing Out in All Sectors


    Alcad products attract attention in hotels so that people can have a good time and enjoy their holiday. Intercom systems located in common areas and private spaces help you maintain security and communication. At the same time, it offers a large screen where you can broadcast the messages you want with digital signage.

    Education Sector

    The target of Alcad Turkey dealer is to bring safety and health to the forefront in the education sector, either wired or wirelessly with IP communication systems. Access control systems and intercom systems for buildings are produced to meet the needs of teachers and students.

    Businesses and Shopping Centers

    Customizable intercom systems also draw attention for places where people are concentrated. You can increase the prestige of your business with Alcad Turkey dealer products that increase efficiency. You can increase your sales with digital signage where you can promote your products.

    Advantages of Alcad Turkey Dealer Services

    Alcad Turkey dealer offers you a quality above the standards in all the products it offers. You can increase control with products that can be used for security and communication in businesses, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and schools. At the same time, you can provide a quality experience by providing visual high-level service with multimedia devices. With the technical support you will receive before and after the service, you can continue your work without any difficulties in terms of use. You can contact us about installation, positioning and other details.

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