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Let’s Examine Siemens Fire Weak Current Systems in 4 Titles



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    Let’s Examine Siemens Fire Weak Current Systems in 4 Titles

    Siemens Fire Weak Current

    Weak current systems are used to digitally transfer the information flow inside the building via cables. Thanks to the low voltage of the data flow, they are important mechanisms that protect human health in a possible failure. Although invisible, there are siemens fire weak current systems in every building.

    These; It consists of different mechanisms such as bell, antenna, intercom systems, signaling, announcement system and fire alarm systems. Each mechanism comes to the fore to make human life easier. Siemens fire weak current systems, on the other hand, can achieve great things in safety. Since they are reliable and high quality systems, it is not possible to give a false alarm. If regular maintenance is done, it can be used for many years with the same efficiency.

    Weak Current Products

    Where are Siemens Fire Weak Current Systems Used?

    Siemens fire weak current systems must be used in places where flammable and explosive gases are present. In addition, these systems are mandatory in factories where there are materials that can easily ignite. Temperature detectors, smoke detectors and flame detectors also benefit from these systems.

    Siemens fire weak current, which does not cause high costs because they work with low voltage, is the choice of every business. You can use these systems for more controlled information flow and facility security. Products with 12V or 15V options can instantly warn users during a fire. In this way, it can provide both life and property safety in a short time by providing the chance for early intervention. Siemens fire weak current products are frequently preferred in hotels, factories, printing houses, restaurants and residences.

    How Does Siemens Fire Weak Current System Work?

    Fire alarm cable connections, siren system, buttons and detectors are among the components of the system. In the event of a fire, the system transmits smoke, soot, and flame to the warning detectors, allowing the sirens to sound. This saves time for people to evacuate from buildings. At the same time, it is ensured that the fire is quickly extinguished by the teams. If there is an automatic fire extinguishing mechanism in the building, the two systems can be used together. There are two kinds of Siemens fire weak current systems in total.

    Conventional System

    In this system, everyone can be informed about the fire through fire alarm buttons and detectors. Since it is a locally established system, it can be known where the fire is in general. However, it is not possible to make exact point fire detection.

    Addressable System

    It enables to know the point location of the fire, which is different from the conventional system. In this way, both the fire can be extinguished early and the source of the malfunctions can be found. The system, which can communicate with different switchboards, can also inform remote or nearby systems.


    What Does Siemens Fire Current Do?

    Fire weak current systems are determined according to the needs of the buildings. Before installation, detailed measurements of buildings and spaces should be made. The number of detectors to be installed on each floor should be examined. In this way, the announcement system can be activated quickly in the event of a fire. Products produced in accordance with quality standards can operate efficiently for many years. Especially the fire weak current products, which contribute to the prestige of the enterprise, show everyone the value you give to human health.

    With these systems, the workload of people decreases and the speed of current work increases. Warning of existing floors during fire, directions for evacuation and operation of extinguishing systems can be completed from a single point. Thanks to the coordinated operation of all devices, you can ensure security in your business without manual intervention.

    Fire weak current products, which can also be used in smart buildings, can be remotely controlled with special software. In this way, home comfort can be increased and the level of control increases to a higher level. You can contact us for systems that allow you to easily access information and easily evacuate people with recorded announcements.

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