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Let’s Examine My 2 Topics About Teledata Products



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    Let’s Examine My 2 Topics About Teledata Products

    Teledata Products

    Teledata is an Italy-based company that draws attention with its products. The company, which continues its activities in the fire detection systems sector, appeals to people with its life-saving products. Teledata has been designing and manufacturing safety electronic devices for 45 years. The company started by producing special electronic solutions for national and international aviation applications. At this point, it is possible to see Teledata products in Turkey and to have them through Dijinet.

    Teledata Addressable Fire Detection

    Some of the products of Teledata addressable fire detection systems are:

    Single Panels

    It is the first EN54 approved full touch fire panel produced in the world.

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    Let’s Examine My 2 Topics About Teledata Products

    One Detectors

    This product is produced as a multi-criteria addressable detector with dual optical technology. Professionally designed to reduce False Alarm. It has customizable features to match the building interior decor.


    All Teledata modules are multi-modules that help you best save both money and time.

    Addressable Fire Devices

    These products, produced for fire detection, operate in accordance with the applicable EN 54/2 54/4 regulations regarding fire detection (EN 54-2) and power supply (EN 54-4).

    Wireless Fire Detection Systems

    Wireless fire detection systems include alarm devices. These devices have been produced to ensure that the fire is detected and to be aware of the fire.

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    Let’s Examine My 2 Topics About Teledata Products

    Spare Parts and Accessories

    Teledata also sells spare parts and accessories for fire detection devices. In this case, if you need any spare parts, you can choose among Teledat products.

    Teledata Products in Turkey Only on Dijinet!

    Dijinet is the only representative of Teledata company in Turkey. In this direction, we can mention that the only address where you can find the products in question is Dijinet. If you also need fire detection and fire control systems, you can choose Dijinet to benefit from Teledata professionalism. You can examine the products to take advantage of the privileges of Teledata and Dijinet companies, which have been operating with customer satisfaction in mind since the day they were founded. You can order the products you need with one click and have them delivered to your address in a short time. Choose Dijinet for the highest quality and reliable products.

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