Let's Examine Our 2 Titles About Teledata Turkey Distributorship - Dijinet

Let’s Examine Our 2 Titles About Teledata Turkey Distributorship



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    Let’s Examine Our 2 Titles About Teledata Turkey Distributorship

    Teledata Turkey distributorship is provided by our company Dijinet. Dijinet, the sole distributor of Teledata company in Turkey, has been selling the products of the brand in question since 1985. Having a structure that develops itself in the field of weak current and electronics, the company closely follows the technology and carries out all its projects in this context.

    Teledata brand ensures that buildings around the world are equipped with modern technologies. At this point, Dijinet allows to equip sites, buildings and large facilities with various modern technologies in Turkey as well as in the world.

    More than 130475 residences, more than 8572 shops, more than 6531 classrooms, a dormitory for more than 28680 people, more than 25 factories, more than 146 public buildings are equipped with Teledata products through Dijinet. In this way, we can talk about the buildings become much safer buildings.

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    Teledata Turkey Distributorship

    Solutions Offered by Dijinet

    The general solutions offered by the Dijinet brand are as follows.

    The company, which is the distributor of Teledata One in Turkey, ensures that buildings are transformed into a reliable state with fire detection alarm systems. As it is known, fires are extremely critical for human life. At this point, detection and prevention of fires is of great importance. Otherwise, loss of life and property may occur. Dijinet, which offers Teledata’s products to you, demonstrates an advanced performance in fire alarm systems. The products offered in this category are generally; It has various shapes such as addressable siren, manual call point, fire terminal, fire control panel, module enclosure, detector, floor repeater terminal.

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    Teledata Turkey Distributorship

    Professional Fire Alarm Systems

    If you want to have professional and quality products, you are at the right address. Dijinet, which provides Teledata One distributorship, offers its activities in an expert and professional manner.

    Dijinet continues its activities in a way that completely prioritizes customer satisfaction. For this reason, the services offered to you are completely aimed at satisfying you. You are at the right place to get detailed information about Teledata One products, their prices, usage patterns and purposes. You can get detailed information on this subject by contacting us and you can easily have the right products for you in line with your needs.

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