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We Gather and Examine CCTV Systems in 3 Titles



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    We Gather and Examine CCTV Systems in 3 Titles

    CCTV Systems

    CCTV stands for “Close Circuit TeleVision”. In Turkish this is called “closed circuit image”. Although CCTV systems are used for security purposes, nowadays; people counting, disc reading etc. used for transactions. In addition, monitoring and analysis options are available.

    CCTV Systems / Security Cameras cover smart home systems, lighting systems, card access, burglar alarms, rack cabinets, announcement and emergency notification, TV systems, telephone systems, fire alarm systems, structural cabling products and weak current systems.

    CCTV Systems

    Security cameras

    Dijinet, CCTV sistemler bugün sokak, okul, hastane, banka, ofis, ev vb. aklımıza gelen her yerde kullanılır. Günümüzde video gözetim çözümleri, teknoloji geliştikçe kullanıcı ihtiyaçlarına göre değişmektedir. Güvenlik kamera sistemlerinin kalitesi kullanılan ürüne göre büyük farklılıklar göstermektedir.

    Some images appear in glass form even at low emissivity levels, while others are blurry in bright light. CCTV is mainly used for environment and environmental security and for catching criminals; people counting, plate reading, traffic control, people tracking etc. monitoring and analysis options are also available.

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    Security cameras

    Types of CCTV Security Camera System

    Types of CCTV Security Camera System to be used by Dijinet, the type of security camera system is determined according to the infrastructure used or to be used. Images in the security camera system; It is called “Analog CCTV Camera” if transmitting over coaxial cable, “IP CCTV Camera” if transmitting over network, and “hybrid CCTV Camera” if both are used. Therefore, CCTV systems are quite comprehensive.

    Types of CCTV Security Camera System

    Products Used in CCTV Security Camera Systems

    Security camera system, airport, factory etc. In addition to providing detailed monitoring and analysis solutions over large areas; home, office, shop, etc. It is also used in small areas. The products used in security camera systems also vary according to the region and infrastructure in which they are used.

    General features of security camera systems; camera, recorder, monitor and HDD (hard disk drive). In addition to these, additional products such as lenses, camera mounts, camera covers, image couplers, video amplifiers, converters, microphones, inverters (power supplies) are also used depending on the needs and structure of the system.

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