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We Gathered Bosch Fire Detection Products in 3 Titles for You



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    We Gathered Bosch Fire Detection Products in 3 Titles for You

    Bosch Fire Detection

    Bosch fire detection systems are very important systems as they provide important protection beyond their functions in electronic security systems. These systems should be designed in accordance with the standards and regulations currently in force, as the slightest thing will cause important issues in these systems.

    Bosch fire detection systems are of two types. The first of these is conventional fire alarm systems and the second is addressable fire alarm systems. Conventional systems are preferred instead of addressable fire detection systems. These systems are simpler and more economical than addressable fire alarm systems. Today, it is mostly used by small businesses from an economic point of view.

    The only drawbacks of conventional fire alarm systems are their sensitivity to temperature and weather changes and the potential for false alarms. As the name suggests, the fire alarm system is a system that provides the necessary warnings and warnings for the rapid evacuation of the area during an event, rather than extinguishing a possible fire.

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    Bosch Fire Detection
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    How Does the Bosch Conventional Fire Detection System Work?

    How Does the Bosch Conventional Fire Detection System Work?

    Considering the working principle of Bosch conventional fire detection systems, one of the Bosch fire detection systems, these systems provide instantaneous detection of a possible fire in a certain area. These systems are popular with small and medium businesses. The conventional system is a zone-based detection system.

    At the same time, the detectors and nodes of these systems are connected via a single line. Each floor of the buildings is envisaged as an area and fires can only be monitored from the connected floor. Conventional fire alarm systems, working with zone detection logic, detect the fire with the signal coming from a fire detector connected to the zone and give an alarm accordingly.

    The wiring diagram of a Bosch conventional fire detection system is also important. Independent of the system, the first system connection diagram is prepared by Dijinet engineers and the system is configured according to this diagram. With the prepared connection diagram, easy and error-free installation is provided.

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    Usage Areas of Bosch Conventional Fire Detection Systems
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    Bosch Fire Detection Products

    Usage Areas of Bosch Conventional Fire Detection Systems

    The Bosch fire detection system has a wide range of uses. While the Bosch Conventional fire detection system is basically installed everywhere for the same purpose and service, it can also be installed in different structures according to different needs. Conventional fire alarm systems, which are quite economical, are especially preferred by small businesses and small buildings. Considering the prices of conventional fire alarm systems, these systems are classified as more suitable than others according to their functional features in the market.

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