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We Gathered Emergency Announcement Systems in 3 Titles for You



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    We Gathered Emergency Announcement Systems in 3 Titles for You

    Voice Alarm Systems

    Although the voice alarm systems are referred to when talking about announcement systems, these systems are also known as public address systems. It is used in many places with emergency announcement systems, workplaces. For example, it is used for information purposes for large crowds in industrial enterprises, shopping establishments, stadiums and schools, as well as many other areas and locations. It also guides them when necessary. Stadium goal announcements or emergency evacuation announcements can be made using these systems.

    Where is the Announcement System Used?

    Where is the Announcement System Used?

    The usage areas of voice alarm systems are quite extensive. Doctor’s announcements in hospitals, music announcements in sports halls or holiday villages, anthrax announcements in theaters and cinemas, visitor announcements in military areas, targets in matches, announcements of missing children in shopping malls, next time announcements in train stations or bus station are the first places that come to mind. Even the funeral announcements of the communes find their place in these examples and these examples can be multiplied even more in life. However, when the voice alarm system is mentioned, it is understood as an emergency notification system, not a general announcement.

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    Voice Alarm System Regulations

    Voice Alarm System Regulations

    Voice alarm systems are prepared according to certain regulations. According to the Building Fire Protection Regulation, all hotels with a 200-bed capacity, all buildings with a construction area of ​​more than 5000 square meters or more than 1000 users, and all buildings higher than 51.5 meters must have an audio alarm system.

    In the event of a disaster such as fire, flood or earthquake in the buildings in question, these systems will be activated and people will be evacuated from the building according to a plan that will not harm human life. In this system, pre-recorded messages can be transmitted from a certain center to those who need evacuation, and there are cases where direct announcements are made.

    The important thing here is that the voice is easy to hear and the message is easy to understand. For this reason, correct project planning and implementation is very important. Otherwise, the system will only hear the noise when it is most needed.

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    How to Install a Voice Alarm System?

    How to Install a Voice Alarm System?

    For the installation of voice alarm systems, first of all, it is necessary to determine the characteristics and size of the broadcast location, the equipment to be used, the number of devices and even the sound. After this stage, the most suitable system for the need is determined and installed. Adequate speakers must be used in the right places to ensure adequate sound throughout the system setup. The notification must also be clear so that correct instructions can be given in an emergency. In addition, the population density in the region where the system will be established is also a criterion to be considered at the time of implementation.

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