What Are Weak Current Firms? Let's Examine It In 3 Headings - Dijinet

What are Weak Current Firms? Let’s Examine It in 3 Headings



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    What are Weak Current Firms? Let’s Examine It in 3 Headings

    Weak Current Companies

    Weak current is the name given to low voltage sources used to operate equipment such as telephone, bell, antenna, fire alarm systems in electrical installations. There is no risk of electric shock as the voltage of the existing mains installation is low. Weak current is also defined as an electrical installation that does not cause injury (impact) to persons.

    Weak current cables are mostly used indoors. Offices, homes, etc. When installed, a transformer is often used to obtain weak power. Low current systems typically operate at 12V. But there are also systems with 15V lower current. Cables also include low voltage cables and low voltage cables as harnesses. These systems, which are supplied for every field, are provided by weak current companies.

    Weak Current Companies
    Weak Current Companies

    What are Dijinet Weak Current Systems?

    Dijinet, which is among the weak current companies, covers many weak current systems. These weak current systems are suitable for use in every residence and workplace. The weak current systems that Dijinet has and offers are:

    • Structured cabling
    • Fire Alarm Systems
    • Television/satellite systems
    • Telephone/switchboard
    • Audio and voice alarm systems
    • rack cabinet
    • Access Controls
    • Burglar Alarm systems
    • CCTV/Security systems
    • Lighting
    • Smart home systems
    Weak Current Companies
    What are Dijinet Weak Current Systems?

    Important Things to Know About Weak Current Systems

    Today, the concept of the Internet is becoming more and more widespread and the number of devices connected to communication networks is increasing. It is known that low voltage systems are becoming more comprehensive day by day with the rapidly developing technology.

    Weak current systems, which are considered for security purposes, are confused with electronic security systems. Contrary to popular belief, electronic security systems are a sub-branch of low voltage systems.

    Weak current systems are determined according to the needs of people and structures. A system used in hospitals and systems used in factories are examples of this. They differ in technical equipment and operation. Institutions and organizations define these differences according to the products they need. They publish specifications to set standards for quality, specifications, and workmanship. Weak current companies also supply products that comply with the standards.

    Weak Current Companies
    Important Things to Know About Weak Current Systems

    You can be sure that the Dijinet installed system is durable and works properly and efficiently. First of all, the quality and standard of the products used should be sufficient, the work should be flawless and the system should be checked and maintained regularly. This inspection and maintenance work is mandatory according to the laws and regulations issued by the country.

    Weak Current Companies

    There are many companies that are representatives of weak current systems. You can obtain the weak current systems you need from these companies. To take advantage of Dijinet’s Weak Current systems, or to get information, you can get information by visiting our website or calling.

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