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What are Satellite Systems? What are the Satellite Types, Let’s Examine it in 2 Main Titles



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    What are Satellite Systems? What are the Satellite Types, Let’s Examine it in 2 Main Titles

    What are Satellite Systems?

    Satellite systems are systems offered to watch satellite channels in many parts of the world. The satellites launched to monitor satellite channels are located at an altitude of 35,784 kilometers from the earth. These signals coming from over the world play a big role in reaching the coverage area. Satellites, which have a simple mirror function on the earth, are in orbit around the earth. It rotates at the same time as the Earth. While giant panels that open to both sides provide solar energy, we can talk about the lifetime of satellites thrown into space is 12 years. In this direction, there are different types of satellites used for different purposes. We can talk about the following types of satellites.


    Satellite Types

    Satellite types are generally as follows.

    Communication Satellites

    Communication satellites are located at an altitude of 36,000 km from the earth. It completes its cycle in 24 hours. By receiving the electromagnetic wave signals sent from the transmitting station, the carrier frequencies are changed and sent to the receiving station. In this way, it is possible to use many applications such as telephone, television, radio, data, fax and internet. It is expressed as the most used satellite systems in the world.

    Military Satellites

    Military satellites are types of satellites used for military purposes. Their most important task is to gather intelligence. In addition, it has various duties such as reporting the location, providing data and exchanging information to the military units. It also has the feature of taking pictures of the determined points.

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    Meteorology Satellites

    The most important tasks of meteorological satellites are to follow the air movements. It monitors the movements of the clouds and gives weather tips.

    Professional Satellite Systems

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