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What is Building Automation? Let’s Examine 2 Main Titles



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    What is Building Automation?

    A building automation system is a high-tech tool or platform that expands and enhances the capabilities of those responsible for building operations.

    Building Automation System (BAS) is an umbrella term used to refer to a wide variety of computerized building control systems, from controllers and dedicated and standalone remote stations to larger systems such as central computers.

    A Building Automation System consists of several subsystems that are interconnected in various ways to form a complete system. The system must be designed and manufactured around the building itself to serve its intended service systems. As a result, no two systems are the same, even if the components used are the same but applied to the same buildings, the same services, and the same uses.

    Building Automation

    Scope of Building Automation Systems

    Services provided by Building Automation Systems include HVAC systems, electrical systems, lighting systems, fire systems, security systems and elevator systems. In industrial buildings, it can also cover compressed air, steam and hot water systems used for the production process.

    A Building Automation System can be used to monitor, control and manage all or only some of these services, depending on the use of the building and the way the building is managed, the operating cost of the building, or the complexity of the services.

    To better understand the potential impacts and benefits of a Building Automation System, it can be helpful to analyze the building operation and management needs that a Building Automation System addresses. Typical functions provided by building automation systems include:

    • Installation, management and control functions,

    • Power management functions (supervisory control),

    • Risk management functions,

    • Information processing functions,

    • Facility management functions,

    • Performance monitoring and diagnostics,

    • Maintenance management.

    Leading building control systems designed to ensure occupant safety and productivity in any space or environment. Configurable controls integrate seamlessly with smart equipment to provide smart buildings. Together, they help you make smarter, more informed decisions while increasing passenger comfort, safety and productivity.

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    Building Automation Systems
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    Building Automation Systems

    Professional Building Automation Systems

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