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We Examine Building Automation Products in 3 Titles



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    We Examine Building Automation Products in 3 Titles

    Building Automation Products

    Buildings provide spaces to live, work, work, produce, do business and spend time. Depending on the intended use of the building, users have different heating, cooling, air-conditioning and lighting needs. Building automation systems offered by Dijinet provide an optimum indoor climate according to the respective use. A comfortable building climate positively affects the productivity of building occupants.

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    Building Automation
    Building Automation Systems

    What Does Dijinet Building Automation Cover?

    Diginet building automation products connect existing systems and optimize their interaction to maximize energy efficiency. It automatically recognizes the real need for room heating, cooling, fresh air, light and shade and enables you to use energy correctly. This on-demand building automation system avoids energy waste and provides a rapid return on investment and significant and valuable operating costs reduction.

    According to the European standard EN 15232, the control strategy depends on location, intended use, age, etc. is based on need. It applies to any building independently. It can easily adapt to changing requirements with more or less diversity in buildings. By using the evaluation method conducted by Dijinet, you can take advantage of the optimization potential of the eu.bac system and save on energy costs. Continuous recording and monitoring of operational status reduces operating costs throughout the building lifecycle.

    What Does Dijinet Building Automation Cover?
    Simatic controller
    Dijinet Building Automation Service

    Dijinet Building Automation Service

    Dijinet building automation has always been modular and flexible. With backward compatibility with existing systems, sustainable building renovations and system upgrades are facilitated, ensuring seamless modernization. While integrating existing or new systems, we help protect your investments by ensuring that your systems operate reliably and uninterruptedly.

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