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We Examine Satellite Systems in 2 Main Titles



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    We Examine Satellite Systems in 2 Main Titles

    Satellite Systems Prices

    Satellite systems, satellites launched into space to view their channels, are at an average altitude of 35,784 kilometers from Earth. Receiving signals from around the world creates a stage to reach the desired coverage. The satellites, which act as simple mirrors on the Earth, revolve around the Earth and rotate at the same time as the Earth. The above satellites act as gas thrusters. Solar power is provided by a huge satellite panel that opens to either side. The average lifetime of satellites launched into space is 12 years. In other words, when the gas inside the satellites is exhausted, their lifespan also ends. This satellite, which has been in use for 12 years, has now been accepted as old technology and has been replaced by new technology satellites used today. One solution that comes to mind is not being able to refill and restart the satellites that run out of gas, which cannot be done again in this process. As the Dijinet family, we offer you professional services on satellite systems. You can contact us for expert support on TV broadcasting and home distribution satellite systems.

    Satellite Systems
    Satellite Systems

    In Which Areas Are Dijinet Satellite Systems Used?

    Communication Satellites

    Communication satellites are located at an altitude of 36,000 km from the earth. It completes its cycle in about 24 hours. It receives electromagnetic wave signals sent from a transmitting station and sends it to the receiving station in the world by changing the carrier frequency. Thus, thanks to this satellite, it enables the transmission of many applications such as television, telephone, radio, data, internet, fax from one point to another.

    Military Satellites

    It is one of the satellite types used for military purposes. One of their most important tasks is to gather intelligence. At the same time, it has many functions such as providing location and data to military units, exchanging information. There is also the function of taking pictures of defined points. There are also military satellites that can track the military units, vehicles and missile movements of other countries.

    Satellite Systems
    Satellite Systems

    Meteorology Satellites

    One of the most important tasks of a weather satellite is to follow the movement of the air. Its job is to give weather advice by observing the movement of clouds. It is one of the satellite systems used for both military and civilian purposes.

    Space Research Satellites

    Satellites Systems, there are 7 different space research satellites in different orbits. They are called satellites for astronomy, geodesy, mangnetosphere, meteor observations, ionosphere, sun and atmosphere observations. This is one of the most important parts of space exploration.

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