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Satellite Dish Prices



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    Satellite Dish Prices

    What is Satellite Dish?

    The dish antenna is the antenna that receives the signals coming from the satellites within its body and reflects it back to the LNB at the end and provides the image to be received. In other words, a satellite dish is a necessary equipment for watching TV programs via satellite. There are dish antennas with diameters ranging from 45 cm to 5 meters. In our country, a dish antenna with a diameter of at least 70 cm may be sufficient for satellite 4a. You can check other antenna sizes on Dijinet.

    Satellite Dish Types

    Parabola Antennas

    Parabola satellite dishes are round and display the satellites from a wider angle. Offset, on the other hand, faces a more horizontal angle and is slightly elliptical.

    Offset Antennas

    Offset Dish antennas can collect more signals due to their structure and can hold much less snow, especially in winter. These antennas are portable thanks to their DiseqC motors that can be connected to most remote antenna types. Of course, these engines can also be used in parabola satellite antennas depending on the load that the engine can handle.

    Satellite Dish
    Satellite Dish

    Multifocus Multiple Antennas

    Multifocus Multi Dish Antennas is a type of antenna tuned to receive more than one satellite. The logic of the event is that the signals sent from the satellite are collected in the satellite dish and reflected back to the LNB, which is at the full focus of the dish antenna.

    Perforated Dish Antennas

    Perforated satellite dish antenna is also known as mesh antenna or mesh antenna. This antenna type offers advantages over other antenna types, especially in areas with heavy rain and high winds. Thanks to its perforated structure, it is not easily disoriented, it is less affected by the wind force in windy and stormy weather, and it keeps less snow from the antennas in snowy weather.

    Flat Antennas

    Flat antennas are flat antenna models. They are usually made in a square shape. A flat antenna provides a cleaner installation. Flat antennas have a smaller mass than other types of dish antennas. Of course, this situation never degrades the image quality of the antenna. With flat antennas, image clarity can be achieved with other antennas.

    Satellite Dish
    Satellite Dish Antenna Prices

    Satellite Dish Prices

    Satellite dish prices, as we mentioned above, include prices that appeal to everyone according to their types and with today’s technology. Especially the price of 90 cm bowls does not affect the quality and width of the broadcast. Multiple models can be integrated into different areas, which can be easily installed. In order to watch the channels you want without wasting time, the installation must be done correctly. If you are wondering about satellite dish prices, you can call Dijinet and come to our stores.

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