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We Examine Satellite Systems in 3 Headings



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    We Examine Satellite Systems in 3 Headings

    Satellite Systems

    Satellites orbit the earth and rotate simultaneously. Thanks to satellites, which have a great impact on technology, many changes take place. The artificial satellite, which was launched for the first time in the world in 1957, was launched in 2011 in Turkey.

    What Do Satellite Systems Do?

    Satellite systems contribute the most technology. Today, satellite systems are used in sectors such as television, radio, photography and communication. Satellite systems used for monitoring and imaging act as mirrors of signals. The effect of satellites on televisions, which is the most widely used area, is quite large.

    The signals sent by the satellites go to the dish antenna. The dish antenna converts it into an image and broadcasts it on televisions. At the same time, satellites have a great role in telephone and internet, which are communication tools.

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    Satellite Systems
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    Dijinet Satellite Systems

    For What Purposes Are Satellite Systems Used?

    Satellites can be used for many purposes. Satellites for military, navigation, meteorology, communication purposes are the most well-known. Military-purpose satellites provide tracking to ensure security. Military-purpose satellites used in the intelligence field provide information exchange. Monitoring of weather events takes place thanks to meteorology satellite systems. In this way, daily and weekly weather conditions are known through satellite systems. Navigation satellite systems can easily find the location from the signals. With the GPS receivers receiving the sent signals, the location is determined in a short time.

    Therefore, today, satellite systems have many advantages in terms of making life easier. Especially satellite systems used in the field of communication and military determine the prestige of countries.

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