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Çanak Anten Nedir ? Çanak Antenler Hakkında Bilinmesi Gereken 3 Madde

Çanak Anten Nedir ? Çanak Antenler Hakkında Bilinmesi Gereken 3 Madde

Çanak Anten Nedir ? Çanak Antenler Hakkında Bilinmesi Gereken 3 Maddeler. Çanak Anten Nasıl Çalışır? Çanak Anten Fiyatları Nedir? Çok Bantlı Amplifikatörler


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    What is a Dish Antenna? 3 Things to Know About Dish Antennas

    What is Dish Antenna?

    The system that allows you to watch television with sound and image is called a dish antenna. The dish antennas that collect the signals from the communication satellites in Earth orbit and convert them into data are the key to a comfortable life. Due to their structure, dish antennas have different sizes. Antennas in different sizes such as 50 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm and 120 cm are produced. One of the most preferred ones today is 90 cm. 90 cm dish prices also satisfy those who want to watch a quality broadcast.


    How Does a Dish Antenna Work?

    In simple terms, the dish antenna works by transferring the signals from the satellites in space to the LNB on it and turning it into an image. In order to understand the dish antenna, it is necessary to know the parts it is made up of. These parts are; LNB arm, foot set, connection dowels, bolt kit for the body, dish antenna tray, nut, screw and other connection apparatus. Since the parts will vary according to the antenna sizes, the prices will be different from each other.

    In addition to being made of quality and durable materials, 90 cm dish prices are also accessible to everyone. Correct installation of the cables is also required for the antenna to work properly. With the LNB tilt angle and antenna direction settings, it becomes easier to get images from the desired satellites. For example, in order to reach the Türksat satellite, the angle of view is obtained by turning the determined antenna in this direction. If you do not know the adjustments, after getting help from an expert, 90 cm dish prices can be examined according to your needs.


    Features of Dish Antenna

    There are dish antennas ranging from 45 cm to 5 meters. These antennas are separated from each other according to their reception power. In addition, there are separate antennas for the environment to be used. Using an antenna suitable for seasonal characteristics and weather conditions is very important for broadcast quality. Although the prices of the 90 cm dish you can choose are affordable, it has equipment above the standards for a good broadcast quality.

    Earth-orbiting satellites re-reflect signals sent from Earth to a large extent. It collects some of these signals reflected in the dish antennas. The better the quality of the dish antenna, the stronger the signal it can receive. Strong signals mean uninterrupted broadcasting, better sound and better images. 90 cm dish prices come up to cover all these features.


    What are Dish Antenna Types?

    There are four types of dish antennas that stand out with their different features. Products that stand out with their quality among 90 cm dish prices; parabolic, offset, multifocus and perforated dish antennas. Perforated antennas are among the products that are resistant to rain and snow in the harsh conditions of winter. Parabolic antennas can receive more frequencies from the satellite thanks to their wide angle. However, since such antennas must be pointed at the satellite, they must be placed on a more horizontal plane.

    Offset dish antennas can collect signals with high quality because they have a large reflective surface and are obtained from the parabola central cross section. Standing out with its power among 90 cm dish prices, multifocus antennas allow you to connect to different satellites with multiple receivers. In this way, you can watch the broadcast you want.

    Dish Antenna Prices

    Products with different features consist of prices that appeal to everyone with today’s technology. Especially 90 cm dish prices do not compromise on broadcast quality with both its quality and width. Many models that can be integrated into different areas can be easily installed. In order to watch the channels you want without wasting time, the installation must be done precisely. You can also contact us to get information about 90 cm dish prices and to learn about the product variety.

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